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Christ's Way of Healing

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Christ's Way of Healing

In this book we will focus on the healing miracles of Christ, their immediate and broader significance and application to our own lives.

Healing was of vital importance to Christ and His ministry, hence He invested more time in that than preaching. His healing miracles were real and genuine, in contrast with today's often conjured-up miracles. A healed person was authentically restored - physically, mentally and spiritually.

We need to remember that all aspects of our total health and well-being, as God created us, are intricately interrelated. One aspect, either positively or negatively, impacts the other in many ways.

This book addresses the problem of suffering and sickness in the context of the cosmic conflict between good and evil. Why don't we witness more genuine miracles today as seen in the Early Church?

Although true miracles do not seem as prevalent in our post-modern society, yet at the soon outpouring of the Latter Rain, there will be many more mighty miracles wrought to bring about the ripening of the final harvest, as the Early Rain had given growth to the planting of the gospel seed.

May the embarking of this exciting journey with the Great Physician contribute to a fuller understanding and a richer appreciation of His healing ministry of body, mind, and soul, as we eagerly await our ultimate restoration at His soon coming. Happily, then, Satan, sin, suffering, and sickness will be no more. Total health and perfect peace will reign forever.

By Philip Samaan