Spiritual Health DVD

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Medical Research has linked religious involvement and spirituality to:

  • Better physical functioning
  • Improved quality of life
  • Better mental health outcomes
  • Fewer and shorter duration hospitalizations
  • Less high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease
  • A longer lifespan

However, medical science has also revealed that religion and spirituality, under other circumstances, can be deleterious to health. These dual attributes of spirituality, health-giving and health-destroying, present a perplexing question: Just what does a health-enhancing spirituality look like? Drs. DeRose and Steinke answer this very question by presenting eight timeless prescriptions for spiritual health that transcend religious persuasions and denominational affiliations. Optimize your spiritual health with cutting edge insights supported by medical science!

Bonus features:

This DVD also contains Dr. DeRose's 30-minute presentation entitled, "Lower Hypertension Naturally" and his ten minute motivational message: "Connect with Others for Natural Blood Pressure Control."