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The Road To Rome by Standish

Hartland Publications

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Russell R. & Colin D. Standish
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While the authors do not seek to identify the perpetrators of this treachery against God and His church, their burden is that few watchmen seem to recognize or sound the alarm to God's precious flock. This book is written by two men who believe the time is at hand for that most urgent warning to God's people, many of whom have been swept into pagan practices without realizing that their destiny is at stake.

The authors believe the time is past due when God's people, with steadfast earnestness, must rise up against Satan's masterpiece of deception in his efforts to destroy the very elect. Though the Standish brothers have written many books in the endeavor to enlighten their fellow church members to the increasing apostasy and worldliness in the remnant church, this book is by far the most direct attack upon the widespread Catholic, pagan, idolatrous humanistic and spiritualistic practices now invading the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The authors present this book with the sincere prayer that all who will join the crusade under the blood-stained banner of the Prince Emmanuel, to expel the satanic invasion from God's beloved church.