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Keepers Of The Faith by Standish

Hartland Publications

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Colin D. & Russell R. Standish
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As every wind of doctrine is marshaled against the church, more determined efforts are required to alert and warn of the dangers and errors that are now endemic in most congregations. In Keepers of the faith, Colin and Russel Standish have attempted to achieve three critical goals:

  • To identify many of these errors, some of them are:
    • Relativism, Humanism, Existentialism, Hedonism, Ecumenism, and 16 more.
  • To explain clearly the nature of these errors;
  • To document the clear truth as revealed by Inspiration

The book is especially directed to the gospel ministers and lay leaders in the church. The tittle reflects the grave responsibility of every chosen leader, both ministerial and lay, to uphold 'the faith which was once deliver unto the saints." Previous editions of the book, however have found a wide circulation among rank-and-file laity who have discovered it to be one of the clearest presentations of the Bible principle of truth and righteousness by faith. It is a timely warning of clerical efforts to alter the faith of the laity,substituting a liberal agenda devoid of Biblical mandate. Committed Christians reading this book will do so with marked benefit.