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Holy Relics Of Revelation by Standish

Hartland Publications

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Russell R. & Colin D. Standish
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For a devout Christian, faith is in the revealed Word. When Biblical archaeology confirms the Scriptures, it stirs the heart.

Within a single decade, Ron Wyatt has claimed discovery of Bible artifacts such as Noah's Ark, the Ark of the Covenant, Christ's tomb, crucifixion location, and much more. In a flurry of activity that began in 1977, this part-time amateur archaeologist has worked in Turkey, Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He has sought out and claimed the most amazing Biblical sites and relics.

At least ninety artifacts are promoted as his discoveries. These included such things as a chromosomal analysis of the blood of Christ on the mercy seat - an analysis hat serves as "proof" of Christ's virgin birth. And the discovery of the gold dust produced when Moses ground up the Golden Calf. If verified, these claims would rank Wyatt as the premier archaeologist of all time!

In this book, the Standish brothers examine the Wyatt claims in-depth, going beyond his videotaped claims. His written assertions and public statements were scrutinized. Experts were contacted. Israeli authorities were consulted, including an army general. They conferred with the British Admiralty, sought out biologists and marine archaeologists. They extensively read Wyatt's books, and those of his defenders, and viewed his many video presentations. And even spoke directly to Wyatt himself. These claims were then compared with Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy. What you now hold is the most detailed investigation of the Wyatt claims ever undertaken. These findings serve as a benchmark upon which Ron Wyatt's "discoveries" can be more carefully evaluated.