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European Union, the North American Union, the Papacy & Globalism by Standish

Hartland Publications

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Colin & Russell Standish
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The book of Revelation reveals a powerful global movement just prior to the return of Christ - a moment which is deeply riveted in both politics and religion. The authors believe that the European Union and the developing North American Union are initiatives toward that goal. They provide evidence that the papacy is the religious backbone of this movement as it seeks to become the superpower of the planet - as was revealed by Malaci Martin's 1991 book, The Keys of This Blood. They explain the reason why globalism will lead to the greatest tyranny this planet has ever witnessed and how every major unit of society will continue to support it. Exploring biblical prophecy, the authors show that this global thrust will not completely be achieved and how the world will be liberated from the ruthlessness of the globalists.