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Sanctuary Song

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David Bird
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The questions came one cloudless night

While gazing at the stars so bright:

Is there a caring God above

Who's saving people with His love?

What happens on that heaven'nly throne

As hurting people pray and groan?

Why has Jesus remained away 

And decreed such prolonged delay?

Am I ready for His return?

Is there some special truth to learn?

Then came a gentle voice so slight,

That touched my heart with words just right:

"Take time, My precious one, to hear;

Your Bible pages speak so clear.

My sanct'ry has abundant light;

Will furnish ev'ry answer right.

Forgotten truth is there to find,

So let My temple charm your mind.

That temple where your Savior lives;

The one who intercedes and gives;

He gives these stars their sparkling light

And guides them gently through the night;

So please ask guidance as you read,

For Bible study He will lead.

by David Bird