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Prince Of Peace - The Amazing Story Of Jesus

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Jesus is God, but He became a person to that all of us could learn a better way to live. He loves you and wants you to live with Him forever in heaven. Here are just a few of the stories you will read in this book:

• Shepherds Hear the Angels Sing
• Wise Men Come to Worship the Prince
• The Men Who Followed Jesus
• A Stormy Sea and Two Madmen
• Zacchaeus up a Tree
• Nailed to the Cross
• The Empty Tomb
• “I Am with You Always”

You children will discover peace and security as they read about Jesus and His love for them. They will learn that He loves them no matter what, and that they can be His friends on earth and someday in heaven. Thought questions help kids apply what they are reading to their lives. Quick facts teach them something they have never heard before. Bible texts tie the stories to their original source. Best of all, the dialogues in the stories are taken directly from the New King James Version, bringing the characters to life. Everyone can benefit from this book. You, too, can know Jesus, and find peace.