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Natural Strategies for Infectious Diseases DVD

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Even in an antibiotic-saturated world, infectious diseases are still serious threats to human health. Each year thousands die from influenza. Tuberculosis and infectious hepatitis are still worldwide scourges. In 2014 the world faced the largest Ebola outbreak in history. However, whether we're talking about killer diseases or productivity-sapping nuisances like the common cold, there are simple natural approaches that can dramatically decrease our risk of illness. 

In this two-part, approximately two-hour series, David DeRose, MD, MPH shares simple strategies that can truly spell the difference between sickness and health. Dr. DeRose provides powerful, practical insights into a variety of relevant, cutting-edge topics including fitness, dietary practices, vaccinations, beverage choice, and hygiene. If you want to stay healthy in the face of the next epidemic - or if you merely want to have an upper hand when it comes to colds and flues - you'll not want to miss these engaging presentations.