Issues at the End by Ron Spear

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Ron Spear

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A response to the report of the Examination of Hope International Committee submitted to the General Conference ADCOM, April 2000. A tidal wave of apostasy is raging through our church, dividing our congregations, ravaging our schools, prostituting our publishing houses, and degrading our institutions. Some are even uniting with Catholic institutions. Meanwhile the majority of our administrators seem to be looking on either benignly or indifferently. They reserve their wrath for those who dare to speak out against the apostasy, or worse still, those who try to publicly proclaim our truth without adulteration. Witness the grossly unscriptural lawsuit by the General Conference against Rafael Perez in Florida. What was his crime? He had published some passages from The Great Controversy in several newspapers. For this, and for calling himself a Seventh-day Adventist, he was threatened with a jail sentence. The issues are theological. False doctrines are displacing the truth in more and more of our churches and our schools. And when faithful Adventist plead for a hearing on theological matters, are they ever granted one? When we do meet with church leaders, we are forced to spend our time dealing with a barrage of false accusations. Doctrines are scarcely considered, if they are mentioned at all. Church administrators seem to be determined to keep throwing dust in the air by their false accusations, for the purpose of obscuring the real theological issues, and preventing the church members from discovering them. What will it take to wake our people to wake up? Maybe this book will help. May God grant it is my prayer. Author: Ron Spear. Pages: 96