Heresy, Columbus and the Inquistion

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Salim Jepas
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We must admit that relevant events in the history of the western world have taught us that for the good of both, church and state should carry out their functions in their own areas of competency, independently and with mutual respect for each other.

No one can anticipate precisely the structure of future society as it relates to the Christian church. The repeated contradictions in the long history of Christianity have made its mission more difficult. Therefore, many of the answers given by the church to solve the problems of today have lost credibility.

In spite of this, we should remember that with the collapse of communism and the enthusiam with which the west has honored the Roman pontificate, it would seem to indicate that the future is now open for the supreme papal desire to come true - the restoration of its political and religious power to govern the world. If this should happen, history will repeat itself.