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Gospel Parallels

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Gospel Parallels - Common English Bible

How do Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John differ? How are they the same? The best way to see how the gospels relate to one another is to compare them side-by-side, as they are in the Common English Bible Gospel Parallels. Every word of the CEB translation of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is included, and all parallel events and sayings are aligned for easy comparison and contrast.

See for instance the beginning of the accounts of Jesus in the Jerusalem temple. Each of the gospels tells this story, but they differ in details. Note that Matthew and Mark say that Jesus threw out the buyers and the sellers. Luke has him only running off the sellers. And John is the only gospel that says Jesus fashioned a whip for the occasion. 

For finding small details like these and seeing the big picture presented by the four gospels, there is no substitute for the Common English Bible Gospel Parallels.