(E-Book) Georgia Sits On Grandpa's Knee

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Russell Standish
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Pastor Russell Standish, an Australian Physician who specialized in internal medicine, spent many years in Southeast  Asia as a medical missionary. His work took him to many fascinating points in Asia. His family shared his experiences. He only has one grandchild, Georgia. Born May 29, 1993. She lives in Michigan with her parents Timothy and Jean. Timothy is an associate professor of Biology at Andrews University. During Russel's frequent visits to the United States his great delight is to visit his little grand-daughter. She loves to sit on on her grandpa's knee and hear stories of "the old times" when her daddy was a little boy in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, England and Singappore and had such exciting times with his elder brother, Uncle Stephen and his youonger brother Uncle James.

Ofcourse it is Russell's delight to relate to Georgia, who is seen on the front cover sitting on her grandpa's knee, these tales of a family era now past, when we shared the joys of life together as a family.

Georgia thinks that some other children will enjoy her grandpa's stories; Grandpa hopes so too.