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(E-Book)Gathering Storm & The Storm Bursts, The

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Russell & Colin Standish
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The Seventh-day Adventist Church experienced a tragic and dramatic redirection of its doctrines and practices beginning in the mid-1950's. In Adventism Challenged the authors have traced the only authentic, comprehensive development of this tragic area in God's remnant Church. They saw the play and interplay of many of those who were key figures in the deliberate and planned efforts of men, some in high places, to undermine the pillars of our faith. The Storm Burst, Adventism Challenged B, continues the detailing of how the new theology was imported from Australia to the United States and other parts of the world. The authors document the earnest efforts of many current leaders, former leaders and laity to stay the plague of unfaithfulness to the truth and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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    50 Years of Essential SDA History

    Posted by Art Heath on 28th Dec 2019

    I am coming to realize that in order to understand the present crisis situation in the SDA Church that we need to understand what has taken place up to this time. As I was reading "The Gathering Storm and The Storm Burst" by Russel and Colin Standish, who had first hand experience in the way the Desmond Ford era unfolded, I distinctly had a realization that the Standish brothers were recording significant events that Sister White and God's Word had foretold. This book helped me see the development and progress of the "new theology" in the SDA Church as I have never seen before. As will be seen in the book, there were already inclinations toward this Evangelical persuasion in the 1940's. And there is some reference made that the Evangelical (Babylon) gospel began to take root in the aftermath of the 1888, Minneapolis General Conference. I thank God for men like Russell and Colin Standish.