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(E-Book) Embattled Church

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Colin & Russel Standish
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The Seventh-day Adventist Church faces a crisis! Confusion and division are rampant. Assurance of truth has surrendered to uncertainty. Surety of faith has given way to an enfeebling pluralism. Uniqueness has been overcome by ecumenicalism. The sense of urgency has been replaced by carnal security. The spiritual church has become a social club. Unwavering loyalty is now branded as bigotry. Faithfulness to Christ is judged to be legalism. The defenders of truth are spurned as schismatics. The state of the church has led untold thousands to reevaluate their relationship to it. This book addresses this issue of separation. Has God written "Icabod" across the portals of the SDA church? Must we look for another? The word of inspiration answers these questions unequivocally.