Come Ye Yourselves Apart by J. Lee

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Our Love and Loyalty Shown in the Day We Rest

Do you feel like a rubber band that has been stretched to capacity?

Are you ready to snap by either giving up or lashing out at those around you?

Often our lives become driven with so many things to do that we tend to forget who we are, who God is and what our relationship with Him is. Pushed and tossed by the cares of life, we long for a quiet place - a place to come away from it all.

God has the perfect fulfillment for this longing. It has always been open to us, but sadly, most of the world has trampled or pushed it aside, not realizing its beauty. Come Ye Yourselves Apart reveals this forgotten and much-abused gift, starting in the Garden of Eden and following it through the dusty pages of history all the way to our time. But it doesn't stop there! It just keeps marching on, right through to the pearly gates of Heaven and beyond! What God has declared good and perfect can never be anything different, unless it gets even better!

I promise that you will be blessed, encouraged and refreshed as you read and discover the timeless sanctity of the rest God has for you.