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When the Vow Breaks

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Mending your broken heart through God's healing love

Author and Christian counselor Richard T. D'Avanzo knows all too well the pain and heart break of divorce. When his wife ended their marriage of thirty years, he was completely stunned and utterly devastated. This is the story of his experiences during those difficult years, and how God's redemptive love brought healing and restoration to his life.

With deep compassion and spiritual insights, Dr. D'Avanzo uses the life lessons he has learned to help you discover how to:

  • Deal with anger in constructive, healing ways
  • Break the desperate cycle of hopelessness and dispair
  • Fill the void of loneliness with God's loving presence
  • Help your children feel secure and loved even after the divorce
  • Know when you're ready for a new relationship
  • Become a new person in Christ and a loving marriage partner
  • Find freedom through forgiveness