What Is A Seventh Day Adventist

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Dennis Priebe
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Is the message of Adventism fully understood by examining the 27 fundamental beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists? What is the real heart of the Adventist message? Why was Adventism called into existence? What is our primary goal and purpose in being Seventh-day Adventist? It is possible that we have gotten the "cart before the horse" and are in danger of losing the very essence of Adventism?

How did inspiration really operate in the writings of Ellen White? Was she inspired like Isaiah or Ezekiel? What did she mean when she said that her writings were a "lesser light: in relation to the Bible? This is a study of the proper relationship of the Spirit of Prophecy writings to the Bible, and how Seventh-day Adventists should relate themselves to what she has written.

Elder Priebe addresses each of these questions in such a clear and concise manner that the faith of all will be strengthened in the message and mission of the remnant church and the prophet whom God has sent to guide His people to the Promised Land.