Twenty-Eight Fundamentals - Apostasy Proclaimed in Silence by Standish

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Russell R. Standish and Colin D. Standish

Throughout the history of God's church on earth the insinuation of apostasy has been achieved, not so much in open pronouncements, but by guile and stealth. Silence has been the major weapon upon which error has comfortably rested. By subtly it has found a foothold in God's church. Through this stratagem, the initial tolerance of both precious truth and deniable error, a channel has been opened so that sacred principles of faith and the destructive errors of Satan have been permitted, for a season, to lie together as bedfellows. This ploy has served the cause of Satan all too well. It has, in turn, led ultimately to the spurning of truth. Apostasy in never heralded to be embraced by a church upon a designated day. While truth is permitted acceptance up to that date. In the early Christian church no declaration was ever proclaimed announcing the specific date upon which Sabbath worship would be replaced by Sunday worship.