The Temple Cleansed by Standish

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The longsuffering and mercy of God is beyond human understanding. Today God has a chosen church, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Apostasy and worldliness are rampant in this church. Colin and Russell Standish have looked at the similarities between ancient and modern Israel, and have addressed the tragedy of modern Israel, whose sins are far more culpable than the sins of ancient Israel and modern Babylon.

The Temple Cleansed specifically details the way the organizational structure of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church is being molded after the deadly hierarchical pattern of the world. Few understand the simple organizational pattern that God provided for His church at all denominational and local church levels, therefore few raise the alarm. 

This book should open the eyes of the discerning read to the type of organization God will have in place when He cleanses His church through sifting and shaking. The human machinery will be swept aside and the boundaries of man's authority will be as broken reeds. These pages take the reader back to a long forgotten time when the simplicity of God's organization made no allowances for any of the hierarchical principles that today are quickly enveloping the church of God.

The final cleansing of the temple on earth will be a revelation of God's patient love and mercy to His church. It is the hope of the authors that this book will prepare the reader for the divine intervention needed to prepare the church for the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.