The Sanctified Life

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Under the general title of "Sanctification" there appeared in the early issues of the Review & Herald for 1881 a series of articles from the pen of Ellen White.  Writing from a deep experience in the things of God and from a mind and heart illuminated by the Holy Spirit, she carefully examined the elements of true sanctification and contrasted these with various unsound, but popular, theories on the subject.  In the same decade these articles were drawn together and published as a pamphlet bearing the title Bible Sanctification, and appearing in January, 1889, as Number One of the Bible Students' Library.  In 1937 under the familiar title of The Sanctifies Life, this material was again reissued in its entirety and with the addition of one paragraph from Prophets and Kings to make the present volume.  In this form and in many printings the little book has enriched thousands of lives. <br><br> Author: Ellen G. White <br> Pages:110