The Marked Bible

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Charles L. Taylor
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When Herold Wilson found a Bible hidden away in his sailor's chest, he flung the book over the ships railing and into the sea. Harold would have nothing to do with the Bible his mother had so lovingly marked in hopes that he would read its pages and turn from his life of crime and vice. But like Jonah, the runaway prophet, Harold couldn't run from God, no matter how hard he tried. The Marked Bible by Charles L. Taylor is a classic story of a love, a rebellious son, and the transforming power of God's Word. With the drama of a trans-Pacific Ocean voyage as a backdrop, the "marked Bible" takes center stage in the lives of Harold and his traveling companions as a strange preacher begins to reveal a forgotten truth from its pages. The entire ship is in an uproar, and soon lives will be changed forever. An electrifying story of what can happen when sincere hearts pursue God's truth, no man the cost. Charles L. Taylor . Pages: 128 . ISBN: 0816308039