The Man Minute by Jason Cruise

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God can do a lot to a man in just a minute.

"I cannot attempt to explain why The Man Minute fell into your world... but it has no doubt landed on the path of your journey. I cannot tell you what's going to happen... other than to tell you that life won't be the same." (from the Introduction)

Jason Cruise - author, speaker, and producer - has taken the flat, paved, predictable road of men's devotionals, and made a hard right turn down a dirty road of insights that are raw, unfiltered, and unpredictable. Designed for hunters, outdoors men, and every man in between, each "Man Minute" can be read in sixty seconds, yet a man will carry the insights he gleans into a lifelong spiritual journey. Packaged alongside a DVD featuring four memorable hunts, The Minute Man offers a high-caliber tandem of biblical insights that will draw men closer to God, who has called them to a life that transcends complacent, run-of-the-mill manhood.