The Gift of Choice

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Come to the group of islands poetically dubbed as the "Pearl of the Orient Seas," where in the early 1900's, American missionaries found fertile hearts for the Gospel to grow. This two-in-one book chronicles the beginning and the growth of the Adventist work in the Philippines, focusing on the lives of Leon Z. Roda and Alfonso P. Roda, father-and-son. Read their poignant and romantic lives and find the re-enactment of the great controversy between Christ and Satan. Written in novel style, it portrays the father and son passion for the literary arts-music, poetry, the Scriptures, and the inspired writing of Ellen G. White. May the reader find not only comfort but entertainment and inspiration as well from its pages.

OBJECTIVES IN WRITING "THE GIFT OF CHOICE" To share the lives of men and women well-lived, shortened by death. To enhance the awareness of the reality of the powers and principalities claiming planet earth as their domain. Proceeds of the book will help fund the PUC/AUP cause. Author: Consuelo R. Jackson. Pages: 363 PB. ISBN: 572582464