Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 1-9 Paperback

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Ellen G. White

1855 - 1909. In December, 1855, a 16-page pamphlet of counsel went out to the little band of Adventist believers. That small pamphlet was the first of a continuing stream of counsel from Ellen White that would eventually be published as the nine volumes of Testimonies for the Church. These counsels, spanning 55 years, continue to give spiritual guidance on the journey to the kingdom.

These volumes contain spiritual comment of a general nature, along with many counsels for various aspects of ministry and leadership, plus letters of intimate instruction to members of the church during the author's lifetime.

This staple of Adventist literature is being reintroduced in a beautiful new hardcover binding. The text is unchanged from the original edition. The attractive forest green color and tasteful cover art will encourage the reader to revisit the wisdom found inside, and the handsome new set will enhance any home library.

Paper, nine-volume set. The same text as the hardbound and original set, now in less expensive paperback edition, available only as a set.