Sweet Madness - A love story proving the power of memorizing God's Word!

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Donna Nicholas

 If you've ever been in love, then you know what it's like to feel the power and the passion of complete devotion to the one you love.

Of the early Christians, it was said that "they seem to have a sweet madness" for their Lord, Jesus Christ. That same "sweet madness" is the focus of this love story - the beautiful and honest account of one women's fervent love for her husband and her later discovery of a love even more all-consuming: her own "sweet madness" for the same Jesus who enthralled those early Christians.

The is the captivating chronicle of a storybook romance and marriage that encountered daunting obstacles when the claims of God confronted a women who, from early childhood, had dreamed of doing a great work for her Lord.

If despite all your faith and effort, you've ever been disappointed in love or in prayer, you'll identify with this author's journey, if you've ever known heartbreak or wondered why God seemed to ignore your strong cries for help, you'll identify with Donna's own experience, which she shares here with refreshing candor and openness.

Life doesn't always turn out according to the script we would write for it. But the lesson of this book is that if we cling to God with stubborn faith and nourish an ever-growing love for Him, He will lead us through both lives bitter and it's sweet to just the place He wants us to be.

May this story challenge you to hide God's Word in your heart- to store away its treasures till the flames of a "sweet madness" for Jesus consume you.