Selected Messages Book 2

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Ellen G. White
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The publication in 1958 of Selected Messages, books 1 and 2, provided the opportunity to bring to the church counsels that had become particularly significant since Ellen White issued volume 9 of the Testimonies in the the year 1909.  The content of books 1 and 2 included materials appearing in the Review and Herald, The Youth's Instructor, and Signs of the Times articles, in out-of-print pamphlets, and in E.H. White manuscripts and letters.  There were reproduced in whole or in part, depending on the relevance of their contribution to a particular field of counsel.  Subjects such as inspiration, the nature of Christ, and righteousness by faith were supplemented by a number of miscellaneous and general counsels that, through the passage of time, had become particularly pertinent, such as fanaticism, subversive movements, and the use of medicinal agencies.  These volumes have come to be major source books supplementing the Testimonies and books of specialized counsels.