Selected Messages Book 1

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Ellen G. White
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The publication in 1958 of Selected Messages, books 1 and 2, provided the opportunity to bring to the church counsels that had become particularly significant since Ellen White issued volume 9 of the Testimonies in the the year 1909.  The content of books 1 and 2 included materials appearing in the Review and Herald, The Youth's Instructor, and Signs of the Times articles, in out-of-print pamphlets, and in E.H. White manuscripts and letters.  There were reproduced in whole or in part, depending on the relevance of their contribution to a particular field of counsel.  Subjects such as inspiration, the nature of Christ, and righteousness by faith were supplemented by a number of miscellaneous and general counsels that, through the passage of time, had become particularly pertinent, such as fanaticism, subversive movements, and the use of medicinal agencies.