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Rekindling a Lost Passion

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Harvest time.

A large field of wheat stands ripe and ready. How to gather it in?

You could stand at the field's edge and invite the grain to march into the barn. Or you could march into the field and gather it in yourself.

A massive worldwide harvest of souls is ripe and ready. How do we gather it in?

We could build mega-churches and invite people to come to them. And some will. But this book proposes a way to send not just a few but legions of reapers into the harvest field. A way to efficiently, economically, and quickly "finish the work." A way to move beyond simply adding to the church to multiplying it.

That way, already modeled by the early New Testament church and the early Seventh-Day Adventist Church, is to plant new churches. Planting new churches is God's chosen way of reaching people where they are. A reproducing church is His way of swiftly reaching the masses waiting to be gathered in.

"New churches," the author writes in these pages, "must not be established merely to redistribute the saints. New churches are demanded by the Lord of the harvest in order that the lost might be found. Existing churches simply cannot manage the harvest that God wants to send."

The book supplies not only the "nuts and bolts" of planting new churches but also issues an urgent call to recapture that passion for the lost that burns in the heart of Christ.

Some talk much of "finishing the work." These pages are for those who want not just to talk about it but to do it.