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There is an astounding lack of understanding in today's Protestant churches concerning the cause and effect of the Reformation. In understanding the long conflict between truth and error, the work, trials and writings of the Protestant pioneers should be the study of every true Protestant. Experience the great events of Protestant history, rediscover the work, trials, and writings of Protestant pioneers, understand the long conflict between truth and error.
Newly updated and expanded, we have added many new selections, such as <i>The Sermons of Martin Luther, vols. 1-6, Select Practical Writings of John Knox, Sermons and Remains of Hugh Latimer, Doctrinal Treaties and Introductions to Different Portions of the Holy Scriptures by William Tyndale, and Writings of Saint Patrick. Also included are writings by Knox, Guiness, Miller, Wylie, Poggius the Papist, Coverdale, Bradford, Andrews Standish and Cassels.