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Prophecy's Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Stephen Bohr

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Probably no topic has cause more fiery debate among evangelical churches and atheistic skeptics in recent years than the relationship between church and state. One side claims that the two should be divided by a wall of separation, while the other believes Christians and government should become partners in the battle against immorality. But who is right . . . who is going to win . . . and what does this debate mean for your faith today? Pastor Stephen Bohr provides in-depth insight into this question through the powerful lens of Bible prophecy, detailing the major players-now already active in the world-who will come to the battle in the coming crises of good versus evil. Do you ever wonder how Bible prophecy could possibly come true with the rising tide of secularism in the world? Will the end come by religious catastrophe as Revelation foretells? This faith-building study show you why you can still trust in God's Word-and it will prepare you to stand firm in the last days!