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Annie Marie Puckett
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Summer vacation has finally arrived, school is out and nine year old Pedro can't wait to spend time on the farm with Grandma! When his father was growing up, the farm was very active with the sounds of animals and roaring machines. However, now it is just a quiet playground full of fun and adventure that holds the secrets to a life which Pedro has never known. But, unbeknown to him, Pedro is in for a very special summer this time. is adventures begin with his find of a unique treasure, In his excitement to uncover secrets of the past he will open a door that leads to an eternal future. In this extraordinary book, you'll follow Pedro on al his adventures and misadventures as he quests to find life's ultimate riches. But will he succeed? With Grandma's help he just may find more than he realizes. Author: Annie Marie Puckett . Pages: 55. ISBN: 781572584532