Missionary to Jamacia

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Colin D. Standish

There is nothing that can compare with foreign missionary service in a land far away and in a country whose culture is widely different from your own.  This was the experience of my wife, Cheryl, and me when agreed to respond to an almost unexpected call to serve the Lord in our lives.
The years we ministered to Jamaica unfolded to us some of the most breathtaking, thrilling events of our lives.  What a fascinating nation, rich culture, and a vibrant people!  Yet life was not always easy.  There were serious death threats, tragic experiences, complex issues to face.  We believe we had ten years of experience in the in the three and a half years we were there.
We hope you will be blessed and inspired as you read this book, as you "live" the joys, the blessings, and the miracles along with the frustrations, the challenges, and the "impossible" situations we had to face.  We want you to know a people we learned to love dearly and in so many ways to respect.  Experience why it was such an exhilarating privilege to see the power of God's work and to be part of one of the most successful soul-winning nations in the world.