Hus The Heretic

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One of the greatest Reformers in history was John Hus. His pious life and witness during his trial and martyrdom convinced many of the Church leaders of his innocence and of the justice of his cause. Poggius was the Papal legate who delivered the summons to John Hus to appear at the Council of Constance, then participated in the council as a voting member. This book consists of two letters from Poggius to his friend Nikolai, and describes in living detail the burning of Hus. So potent was John Hus' humble testimony contrasted with the amazing rudeness and injustice of the priest and cardinals, that even some of his ardent foes became his defenders. This is one of the most heart-moving books you will ever read! Author: Poggius The Papist. Pages: 76. Publisher: Shiloh Publications. Cover: paperback. ISBN: 0825423821