His Name Is Wonderful

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Leslie Hardinge

His Name Is Wonderful - Studies of Some Names of God in the Old Testament. In the twenty-five chapters of this book Dr. Leslie Hardinge has sought to bring out the highlights of twenty-three of the most common names of God found in the Bible. In the picture of the redeemed and triumphant remnant standing on Mt. Zion (Rev 7 and 14) these persons are depicted as having the names of the Father as the Son inscribed in their foreheads. The names of God reveal facets of His character. This divine portrayal means that these Christians have grasped the significance of His character, and are living out the principles embedded in His names. His Name is Wonderful is a significant and timely book for Seventh-day Adventists who identify with the remnant, and are seeking to be ready to meet Jesus when He returns in glory. Author: Leslie Hardinge. Pages: 270 PB. ISBN: 0945383584