Family Crisis - God's Solution by Standish

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In 1973, coinciding with his 80th birthday, Dr. Karl Menninger, the famous Christian psychiatrist, often called the "Kansas Moralist," released his most significant book as "his last word" to mankind. This book was entitled, What Ever Became of Sin? Since that time most have either forgotten or ignored Dr. Menninger's message. He saw the Bible and Christian morality as the soundest basis for secure emotional and mental health.

The authors, Colin Standish, psychologist, and his twin brother, Russell, a physician, believe that true biblical principles have the most complete answer to the escalating emotional and social issues confronting society today, and that true mental health is dependent upon a right relationship with God. At a time when humanistic and New Age concepts are dominating psychological theory and practice, the Standish brothers have presented a powerful book which argues with great persuasiveness that God, the Creator of man, is interested in every aspect of His created beings. Therefore, the most perfect answers to man's physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs are to be found in the Word of God. They believe the Bible should not only be used for spiritual guidance in human lives, but as guidance in every area of life.

This book presents the powerful promises of the Bible as a solution for guilt. The authors believe that a large percentage of psychiatric beds could be closed if the issue of guilt were addressed from a Christ-centered perspective. They examine the issues of depression, conflict and frustration while addressing the perils of counseling and the use of mind control and hypnosis in modern psychology. They also address motivation and habit formation, as well as examine the physical factors affecting mental health, and developmental factors from the prenate to adult. Like Menninger, they address the moral issues of mental illness.

This refreshing Christian perspective is a major challenge to the popular therapies that have their roots in paganistic and New Age philosophies. Those seeking God's way to contentment and mental peace will find the the insights of Family Crisis: God's Solution to be of inestimable value in their Christian experience.