Faith of Our Fathers/American Church History

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Mark Sidwell
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This collection stresses the edifying aspects of American church history by gathering over thirty articles on the heroes of the faith. Biographical articles sketch the careers of figures such as Anne Bradstreet, Jonathan Edwards, Narcissa Whitman, Robert E. Lee, D.L. Moody, Billy Sunday, William Jennings Bryan, and many others. Topical articles outline the contributions of the Pilgrims, the circuit riders, and more. All of the articles seek to enlighten and uplift the Christian by highlighting the godly example of previous generations. "A people blessed of the Lord" -- surely every Christian will grant the truth of that description of the American people as he or she reads the record of God's work in lives of past believers. Author: Mark Sidwell, ed. Pages: 181. Cover: paperback. ISBN: 0890846022