Ecclesiastes and the Pioneers

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Ellen G White & Others
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The following is the result of a somewhat comprehensive search of the writings of the Pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist movement, including those of Ellen G. White. The material has been gleaned from the Words of the Pioneers, Second Edition Cd from the Adventist Pioneer Library, and The Published Ellen G. White Writings on Compact Disc from the Ellen G. White Estate. Every effort has been made to ensure that the references and the quotations are correct. Where the author is not known, or may be in question, the word "Selected" is used. Most of the material will be found to be a commentary on the verses in Ecclesiastes or the use of the verses to comment on other passages in the Bible. In some instances, however, it will be found to be simply interesting reading, as opposed to scholar commentary. It should also be noted that not every verse, or even every chapter, of the book of Ecclesiates is covered in this work, some having not been available from Ellen White or the pioneers. Pages: 89. ISBN: 1572584866. Author: Ellen G White