Deceptions Of The New Theology

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Colin & Russell Standish

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The "New Theology" of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is indeed ancient heresy. The authors trace the origins back through Evangelical Protestantism to Augustinian Catholicism, through Roman and Greek paganism, finally to Babylonian paganism. Every pillar of the Seventh-day Adventist faith is shown to be in clear contrast. Not one major doctrine is left unaltered. Christ's human nature, the nature of man, the nature of sin - the New Theology changes the very character of these foundations. The sanctuary message, principles of prophetic interpretation, the Spirit of Prophecy, character perfection, and above all, the gospel of salvation - all come under siege by The Deceptions of the New Theology. Author: Colin D. Standish & Russell R. Standish. Pages: 290. Publisher: Hartland Publications. Cover: paperback