Come, Search with Me - DVD mini series

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DVD 1: 

     Session 1: The Existence of God. Theism, Atheism, Evidence and Faith. Can a rational, inquiring mind accept the existence of the Supernatural?

     Session 2: Relativism. Pluralism. Comparison of the religious literature of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism.

DVD 2:

     Session 3: Comparison of the Founders; a) Their highest claims, b) Their messages c) Their lives compared to their own teachings.

     Session 4: Comparison of the Founders (cont.); a) Birth stories, b) Length of ministry, c) Circumstances at death, d) The post-death scene

     Session 5: A Review. Features of the man, Jesus. Features of the book, the Bible. The Supreme Transaction (the Heart of the Christian Message)

By Subodh K. Pandit. M.D.