Bringing It Back

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Vance Farrell

Here is how you, our leaders, can help bring our Advent Movement back to the historic beliefs and standards given us by the God of heaven.
This book contains messages of hope which will encourage the heart of every leader in the church, regardless of his level of influence. It explains what each can do to strengthen and help our Seventh-day Adventist Church and its members, and reduce losses of funds oand members.
All who are loyal to the best interests of the church will welcome this encouraging book and its positive message. There is a way that our problems can be solved! These are solutions repeatedly used to solve similiar problems in God's ancient Church.
This little book is a friend which explains the simple steps needed to strenghten our denomination, so it can more fully do the work God intended for it to do in these final hours of earth's history.
Whether or not you are a leader in our church,this book can change your own way of life for the better. Harvestime Books. Pages: 128 PB