Bridges 101

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From the Introduction

Why we think you're going to want to read this book...

I don't know for sure of course, but this may be one of the most liberating books you've ever read.

No, this isn't all there is to witnessing. Maybe it's more like pre-witnessing. Maybe it's more like earning the right to tell our story. Let's call it a healthy incursion into the 1st angel's message of Revelation 14 which invited men and women to fall in love with the Creator God so they are drawn "to worship Him."

If this were being written as a college textbook, it might be a class called Contagious 101.

This book is for "the rest of us," the non-Mark Finleys and non-Walter Persons among us, who get sweaty palms every time a witnessing opportunity appears, for fear we'll ... well, just for fear.

This is a fresh route to happy for those who harbor a Spirit-led longing but who kick themselves because they never quite get up the courage.

This is church outside the box. Ambitious promises. Some new kinds of bridges. You can DO this!