The Organic Farming Manual

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Organic Methods for Profitable Farming

Prepare yourself with the know-how you need to confidently enter the fast-growing business of organic farming. The Organic Farming Manual is your one-volume guide to growing, certifying, and marketing organic produce, grains, meat, and dairy. In the packed pages of this indispensable resource, Ann Larkin Hansen explains how to shop for equipment, grow crops, raise animals, protect your water supply, preserve biodiversity, and sell your organically grown products.

Reap the Benefits of Organic Farming

  • Boost income by providing high-quality products to a market hungry for more naturally produced foods.
  • Sustain soil quality and biodiversity for future generations.
  • Manage a livestock operation that produces healthier livestock and healthier land.
  • Remove agricultural chemicals from your family's life.

More than 20 organic farmer add their stories to The Organic Farming Manual. Their personal experiences illustrate the amazing range of organic farming options and provide reassuring real-life advice.