The Hidden Half of the Gospel

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Lonely. Abandoned. Betrayed. Physically Violated. Verbally and mentally abused. Addicted. Rejected. Forsaken. Unsafe. Hopeless.

Who do you turn to when life hurts - especially when trying harder has only brought more failure, more guilt, and more shame? Someone who has "been there" and gained hope, healing and freedom.

As a pastor faced with problems like divorce, pornography addiction and abuse - both in and out of the church - author Paul Coneff began searching for answers to sin and suffering... and asking why so many Christians were not experiencing the good news Jesus offered. What Paul found was a gospel relevant enough to meet humanity in the midst of its deepest pains and darkest sins - and it was hidden in plain sight! Now you can discover how Jesus Christ suffered "in every way" like you have, so He could help you overcome all the sins, wounds, and lies in your life.