Pastoral Ministry (HB)

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Ellen G. White
Pastoral Ministry (HB)

rom the rich treasury of Ellen White's writings, the compilers of this book have brought together a selection of inspired counsels that apply most directly to the life and work of the local pastor.  Research was done by the General Conference Ministerial Association using the CD-ROM, 1990 edition, p The Published Ellen G. White Writings.  It was discovered that Mrs. White used some derivative of the word clergy 114 times, minister 10,762 times, pastor 385 times, preacher 735 times, and shepherd 1,540 times.  Research focused especially on these quotes.  The goal was to be complete, but not exhaustive; that is to include material on every area of pastoral ministry, but not to quote every statment she made on each.  Thus the principles are set forth, but not repeated unnecessarily.  <br><br> Ellen White