Oh Divine Redeemer (CD)

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Derrol Sawyer
Oh Divine Redeemer (CD)

Oh Divine Redeemer 5:14. Christ Be with Me 2:50. When Jesus Walked on Galilee 2:58. Calvary 5:40. O' Savior, Hear Me 2:47. How Lovely are thy Dwellings 4:16. Open the Gates 5:20. Just for Today 2:41. Bless this House 2:42. O' Rest in the Lord 3:38. Be Near Me Still 2:23. The Lord is My Light 4:00. O' Lord, Be Merciful 4:28. Holy City 5:31. Lord's Prayer 2:57. The Lord is in His Temple 2:51. Protect Us Thru the Night 3:13. Total Play Time: 63:29