Medical Ministry

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Ellen G. White
Medical Ministry

The field of modern medicine continues to make amazing advances through research and technology.  In spite of these advances, a significant amount of time and attention is still spent on how to prevent and treat sickness.  Ellen White wrote a great deal about health.  Much of her counsel in this book is directed to medical workers, but people not directly involved in health-care work also will find much of intrest and value.  The author placed great importance on obiedence to God's law as a foundation for good health.  She believed that disregarding God's moral law leads to disregard fo His physical laws that govern the health of body and mind.  This comprehensive view of health - one that involves body, mind, and spirit- is set forth in this book. <br><br> Author: Ellen G. White<br>Pages: 355 HB <br> ISBN:0816319707