Keys to Optimal Mental Health

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Whether you're trying to overcome the struggles of everyday life or coping with depression, the answers to metal well-being are within your grasp. Author Magna Parks-Porterfield, PhD, will show you how in Keys to Optimal Mental Health.

Each one of us can take the necessary steps - like improving your diet, developing self-control, and focusing on spiritual health. Dr. Parks-Porterfield, a psychologist, takes her advice beyond the typical "love yourself, affirm yourself" approach to outline how to achieve the positive well-being you desire. She breaks it down over eight sections, each dedicated to helping you develop the skills needed to optimize mental health.

Keys to Optimal Mental Health features principles based not only on scientific research, but also on inspiried writings like the Bible - one of the best guides to better living of all time. Discover the keys you need to open the door to mental wellness.