Gift of Prophecy

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Carlyle B Haynes

You see it in the groceries stores, you hear it on the television. People are making it their main topic of discussion. To know the future, this is the question millions of people are asking today. It is possible to know the future? With the uncertainty of our planet today many people are asking serious questions about this subject. There has been one book - the Bible - that has been so accurate and has stood the test of time. It leaves no doubt as to what will happen in the future, yet the Bible seems hard to understand at time. So this question many of us raise is, has there been, or will there ever be another prophet or prophets that will have dreams or visions life the prophets of old. Will they tell us what will happen in such a clear and simple way that we will have no problem understanding, We have seen many so called prophets that have come and gone but have not stood the test of time. To the vast majority this has been most confusing and perplexing. This book, Gift of Prophecy, will not only give you the answers to these much perplexing question but will share with you the biblical tests of determining a true Prophet. As you read this timely book, prepare for an in-depth Biblical search for answers to these questions to these questions and others. Since this is so vital especially at this time in our lives. I ask you to humbly come before the throne of Grace and ask God to give you wisdom through the Lord Jesus Christ. When you finish you won't have to be confused anymore. Author: Carlyle B. Haynes. Pages: 138 PB. ISBN: 188301297X