Come Ye Yourselves Apart Audio CDs

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We live in time. Time is represented all around us from grandfather clocks to smart phones, wrist watches, and timers, from time outs to on time. Time is, in fact, a created construct. It's the arena in which the game of life is played out and experienced. And the God of all creation, wants to spend time with us in fact the Creator of all things has set aside a certain time each week for intimate communion and fellowship with us. This time is set more surely than a doctor's appointment, the work schedule, or even the family vacation-its called Sabbath.

Come Ye Yourselves Apart reveals this forgotten gift which began in the Garden of Eden. We'll trace it through the dusty pages of history all the way to our day. But it doesn't stop there! It just keeps marching right on into eternity! The Majesty of Heaven wants to spend time to come apart and rest from the burdens of life and sit at His feet.


Author J. Lee

Narrated by Mark Kent